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Fitness Getting you in shape in the safest and most effective way is what the Multisport difference is all about. So whether you are completing your rehab with us or you are looking to start a new exercise program, we will develop the most challenging and safest workout for your needs. In addition, should you have specific concerns about a previous injury our physical therapist is available to answer your questions.

As a fitness member, you will undergo a fitness assessment that establishes baseline scores which are compared to national averages. This allows you to customize your workouts to achieve your goals. You can easily be re-assessed at a later date to determine your progress.


With Onondaga Lake Park at our doorstep, you can perform your  cardiovascular workout outdoors at the park then conveniently transition to a strength workout at our facility without cooling down. Or if the weather is not favorable, come on in for a complete workout.

304 First St. ● Liverpool, NY 13088 ● Phone: (315) 451-2270 ● Fax: (315) 451-2271

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-7pm

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