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PT In a marketplace saturated with corporately owned chains of high volume physical therapy centers, it is refreshing to know that Multisport Physical Therapy & Fitness is independently owned & operated and free from the insurance companies control. At Multisport, high quality care is stressed over patient quotas. We want to help you achieve the best results in the most efficient time. This is best accomplished by ensuring that your treatments are always:

  1.    * Provided promptly at your appointment time (no waiting).

  2.    *With the same therapist each session (continuity of care is a priority).

  3.    *One-on-one, personal appointments (never double-booked or rushed).

  4.    *Goal oriented, utilizing specific interventions (versus generalized care).

  5.    *Provided in a spacious facility with state-of-the-art equipment.

  6.    * Provided by highly educated, energetic, and dedicated professionals.

  7.    *Based on a fitness model with an emphasis on preventative medicine.

304 First St. ● Liverpool, NY 13088 ● Phone: (315) 451-2270 ● Fax: (315) 451-2271

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-7pm

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